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Latest Projects

Project | 01


Project |01 Primary Table

Floor level learn and play surface 

Primary table is a product intended to teach children about primary and secondary colours, while having fun playing. The drawers (secondary colours) can be re-arranged so they fit with in their corresponding place in the colour wheel (for example red + yellow = orange)

Project level: Conceptual design

Project | 02


Project |02 Daktari

​​Comunication Device

Special Learning Center, Heredia


Augmentative and/or alternative device intended for children with special needs.
The project was developed for the Special Learning Center in Heredia, with the intention of providing an affordable comunication device for low income families.


Project level: Physical and virtual model

Project | 03


Project |03 Enabling Switch

A switch for users with challenged motor skills.

It can be used with communication devices such as Daktari as an activator/option selector.

Project level: Virtual model

Project | 04


Project |04 Licht von Oben

Solar powered LED lamp

Conceptual design and prototyping of an illumination device that expresses the light that comes from above. 

Functional prototype with solar panel and high power LED, intended for outdoor illumination.

Project level: Conceptual design, physical prototype.


Project | 05


Project |03 Franco

Single seat commute vehicle

Personal transport vehicle designed for urban use, the project was developed under a safety concept , because passenger safety is a crucial factor for small vehicles.

Designed for Honda Costa Rica.

Project level: Conceptual design

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